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Macros 1.01
Macros - Help Desk Reply Automation and Macro Software  Download now
Size: 953KB     License: Shareware     Price: $29.95     By: Information Packaging
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ace macros

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My Macros 3.9
My macros helps you automate all of the repetitive tasks you face each day.  Download now
Size: 1.71MB     License: Shareware     Price: $29.95     By: GoldSolution Software, Inc.
PM Application Launcher
A convenient interface for launching scripts, macros, forms and programs.  Download now
Size: 6.27MB     License: GPL     Price: Free     By: number1nub
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ace macros

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PSPad editor
save and load macros search and replace in files text difference with color-coded differences highlighted templates (HTML tags, scripts, code templates...) ...  Download now
Size: 4.46MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Jan Fiala
Quick Macro 6.60
It has easy-to-use script editing interface for novice users to quickly create macros. It also has programmable macro script editing interface for professional  Download now
Size: 1.64MB     License: Shareware     Price: $29.95     By: vrBrothers software
first-class continuations and hygienic macros Highly portable and known to run...ace for accessing C and C++ libraries from Scheme code Lightweight user-level ...  Download now
Size: 3.31MB     License: BSD     Price: Free     By: Felix L. Winkelmann
Macro Scheduler Automation Tool 14.1.02
Record macros or use the easy script language to automate and control all your W...even create interfaces with the built in Dialog Designer and more. A full featu...  Download now
Size: 11.7 MB     License: Shareware     Price: 195     By: MJT Net Ltd
Hiew 8.12
crypt multifile search and replace keyboard macros unicode support Hiew Extrenal Module (HEM) support ArmV6 disassembler Limitations of DEMO versi...  Download now
Size: 157KB     License: Shareware     Price: $64.00     By: Eugene Suslikov
Hex Edit 4
HexEdit is hex editor that is renowned for its intuitive interface and ability t...integrated with macros -Autofit, hex/decimal addresses, OVR/INS, RO etc -Drag ...  Download now
Size: 6.73MB     License: Shareware     Price: $40.00     By: Expert Commercial Software
MacroRunner for Excel 1.0
macros. MacroRunner provides two methods for automation. One method involves the...g A1 Begins With ??ace? . You have the option of running one macro if the condit...  Download now
Size: 704KB     License: Shareware     Price: $9.95     By: Datasoft Solutions
Emacs 23.4
using Emacs Lisp code or a graphical customization interface. * A large a collection of TECO macros. The name “Emacs” was originally chosen as an...  Download now
Size: 42.93MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Free Software Foundation
Access MDE Unlocker 3.20
reports and macros in your database whilst leaving the original compiled VBA code still in place. Since you can make functional changes by creating macros (ins...  Download now
Size: 612KB     License: Demo     Price: $75.00     By:
Files Compare Tool 2.7
case and whitespace; - Regular expressions support; - Customizable fonts and...macros on VBScript and JScript; - Export comparison results to HTML; - Diffe...  Download now
Size: 4.4MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: S&G Team
PHP Expert Editor 4.3
Keyboard macros. PHP macros. Autosaving. PHP Syntax Check. Run the PHP s...Classic or XP interface styles. PHP Help support with a fast search of keyword...  Download now
Size: 3.31MB     License: Shareware     Price: EUR35     By: Ankord Development Group
Log Parser Lizard 2.0.1
In the “Options” dialog box you can set options/macros that would be replaced in every query. For instance, I put here some date-time ranges (for monthly lo...  Download now
Size: 4.89MB     License: Freeware     Price: Free     By: Lizard Labs
TextMate 1.5.8 R1498
macros, and unique scoping system, it can often provide features that even a lan...* Ability to Search and Replace in a Project * Auto-Indent for Common Actio...  Download now
Size: 10.53MB     License: Shareware     Price: $57.00     By: MacroMates
Hot Virtual Keyboard 8.1.2
and run programmable macros with any of the 56 keyboards included with Hot Virtu...The new virtual onscreen keyboard replaces Windows built-in On-Screen Keyboard w...  Download now
Size: 3.96MB     License: Shareware     Price: $29.95     By: Comfort Software Group
Mouse and Key Recorder 7.2
hours or even days * Starting macros regularly by using the built in scheduler interface * Repeat macros (Loops) * Process conditions (If then...  Download now
Size: 4.30MB     License: Shareware     Price: $23.00     By: Kra-Tronic Corp.
Access MDE Compiler 1.4  Buy now
ACCDE and ADE files in case you have misplaced the MDB, ACCDB or ADP source file...macros and event handling. Access 97 MDE files that where opened in Access 20...  Download now
Size: 452KB     License: Demo     Price: $20.00     By: Elian Soft
TextPad 5.0
TextPad has been implemented according to the Windows XP user interface guidelin...Frequently used combinations of commands can be saved as keystroke macros, and t...  Download now
Size: 2.59MB     License: Shareware     Price: $32.50     By: Helios Software
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